ZeroTime: AI-powered Time Tracking

ZeroTime™ allows your hybrid workforce to automatically capture work and time data from all the work apps. With ZeroTime™ you can:

  • Reconstruct the work week across multiple projects
  • Capture accurate time spent across projects
  • Assemble pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit
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Accurately track project time across your work apps to improve visibility into project costs and performance, optimize resource productivity, and increase on-time completion. Assemble pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit.

  • Use AI to track project time and costs with ease
  • Deliver projects on-time and on-budget
  • Optimize resource allocation
  • Improve project planning & investment
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Time & Attendance

With an AI Powered scheduling platform and built-in compliance validation rules, Replicon automates the employees and job schedules resulting in 100% accurate time sheets every week. Streamline your payroll process, eliminate buddy punching, manage your time off and overtime liabilities and ensure workforce productivity and compliance with our AI/ML-powered and easy-to-use cloud application.

  • AI-powered time tracking for accurate payroll
  • Eliminate “buddy punching”
  • Improve time off & overtime management
  • Minimize labor compliance risk
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Polaris PSA

Self-driving PSA Software uses advanced AI/ML technology to analyze real-time data, and deliver actionable recommendations to keep projects, resources and finances on track.

  • Get up-to-date real-time view of the business
  • Ensure consistent project execution
  • Intelligent resource management
  • AI-powered time tracking with ZeroTime™
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Improve insight into project performance, increase your service margins, and deliver on-time, profitable projects with our easy-to-use cloud application.

  • Improve project visibility and execution
  • Streamline time capture and billing
  • Maximize resource utilization
  • Forecast revenue and resource demand
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Automate and streamline expense processing, gain real-time visibility into reimbursable and project expenses, and enter expenses from anywhere using your mobile or tablet device.

  • Track expense type, payment method, tax codes, and more
  • Manage project-related expenses
  • Configure multi-level approval paths
  • Easily submit expenses – even on-the-go
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Shared Services

Improve your visibility into the cost and usage of your shared services functions and more effectively allocate resources to internal projects.

  • Capture costs of services delivered and calculate chargebacks with ease
  • Allocate resources more efficiently based on demand
  • Arm internal clients to monitor the costs of services consumed
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Global TimeOff

With TimeOff, you can effectively track and manage time off and absenteeism. Accrued balances are literally at your fingertips.

  • Know exactly who has time off and when
  • Manage your time off liabilities
  • Enforce compliance with time off policies
  • Automate accruals and end-of-year resets
  • Configure solution to fit your needs
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Simply download the app to an ordinary tablet device and start tracking time & attendance immediately. Employees enjoy self-service time-off capabilities, and managers have photo audit history of employee “punch-ins.“

  • Get started quickly
  • Eliminate buddy punching
  • Streamline time and attendance
  • Simplify time off management
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Replicon API for BI Services

Use our predefined connectors to view your data in Tableau or Microsoft Power BI, push your data to a data warehouse like Google BigQuery, or use our powerful Replicon API for BI Services to connect to other sources.

  • Prepackaged for Tableau, Power BI and Google BigQuery
  • Robust RESTful API Support
  • Permission-driven data access
  • Sample dashboards and workbooks
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