Our AI-powered Knowledge Workforce Management Solution Supports All Your Use Cases

By Use Case

Shared Services Management

Shared Services Chargebacks

Grow your shared services organization with accurate internal chargebacks and improved project resource management Learn More
R&D Tax Credits

R&D Tax Credits

Manage your R&D projects in real-time, account for all project spend and claim R&D tax credits with confidence Learn More
Cost Capitalization

Cost Capitalization

Account for all your labor costs, distinguish between CapEx and OpEx, and meet your cost capitalization needs with ease Learn More
Client Billing Software Platform

Client Billing

Leverage flexible time & expense tracking, automate approvals, get complete visibility into projects, and streamline client billing Learn More
Grant Management Software

Grant Management

Account for every hour spent by employees, assign them to funding sources, track grant fund burn down and face audits with confidence Learn More
Project Costing

Project Budgeting & Costing

Plan better with historical project information, improve project delivery, manage resource allocations, and maximize productivity Learn More
Time Tracking software

Enterprise Time Tracking

Global project time tracking platform to transform and modernize your legacy ERP time systems Learn More

Streamlining Payroll

Leverage configurable time tracking, streamlined approvals, prebuilt pay rules & gross pay workbench to streamline your payroll processing Learn More

Global Time & Gross Pay

Streamline your global gross pay operations with a unified platform to manage time, pay rules, compliance and more Learn More

Employee Absences

Simplify your time off policy application, stay on top of balances and liabilities, and maximize employee availability Learn More

Labor Law Compliance

Make labor compliance challenges a thing of the past with Replicon’s global compliance library and pay rule engine Learn More

Job Costing

Track time to jobs in real-time, manage estimated vs actual job costs, calculate gross pay with ease, and share with your ecosystem Learn More

Crew Management

Track your crews & jobs in real-time, manage availability, calculate gross pay with ease, and share with your ecosystem Learn More

Project and Resource management

Leverage enhanced Beats and Pulse project management to make intelligent services decisions. Maximize utilization with enhanced resource management. Learn More

By Industry

IT Time Tracking Software

IT Services

Improve project delivery, manage resource allocations, reduce administrative overhead, and maximize IT Services profitability Learn More
DCAA Timekeeping Software

Government Contractors

Accurate, up-to-the-minute project time tracking, configurable approvals, granular information, and flexible reporting for being audit-ready Learn More
IT Consulting Solutions

Consulting/Professional Services

Unified time and expense tracking, streamlined approvals, complete visibility into projects, and fast, accurate billing for your consulting business Learn More
Agency Time Tracking

Marketing/Media Firms

Manage project costs, justify campaign spend to clients, and ensure they are profitable every time for your media, marketing and advertising agencies Learn More
Workforce Time and Project Tracking

Engineering Firms

Streamline the operations of your engineering firm with complete visibility into all projects delivery, costs, billing and other business metrics Learn More
Web Timesheets


Account for every hour spent by employees, assign them to funding sources, track grant fund burn down and face audits with confidence Learn More
Time Tracking for Architects

Architectural Services

Track architectural assignments, manage project costs better, and enhance resource utilization for increased profitability & faster billing Learn More
Project Time Management

Embedded Services Organizations

Get complete visibility into project progress, maximize consultant utilization and improve billing for your embedded services company Learn More
FEDRAMP Time Tracking

Federal Agencies

The first and only time tracking platform that is FedRAMP certified making it the ultimate choice for all federal agencies Learn More


Leverage our unified workforce management platform to help your manufacturing organization stay in control of your labor costs, gross pay, & compliance needs Learn More


Track your construction crews and their jobs in real-time, manage schedules, calculate gross pay & costs with ease, and maximize margins Learn More


Enable your educational institute with best-in-class time & attendance capabilities and streamline your gross pay, manage costs and simplify labor compliance Learn More

Field Services

Track field employees in real-time, manage jobs and costs, stay on top of labor compliance & calculate gross pay with ease Learn More