Overcoming the Great Resignation Using Intelligent PSAs

Data indicates that an unprecedented number of employees have quit their jobs voluntarily since the early 2020s. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics suggests that over 47 million workers have left their workplaces voluntarily in America alone.
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Exploring The 3rd Wave Of Resourcing At The Resource Management Global Symposium

Optimal resource management is often the key to profitability and sustainable growth for any project-based organization. Unfortunately, with rapid changes at the workplace, the labor markets, and industry conditions, managing resources efficiently in the modern era has become tremendously challenging.
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10 Remote Workforce Trends 2022: What the Future Holds?

It is no surprise that COVID-19 has compelled organizations worldwide to embrace remote working. Surprisingly, this culture has bestowed multiple strategic benefits to businesses worldwide, and that's why it is believed that remote workforce culture would keep getting immense acceptance across verticals. This blog sheds light on the key remote workforce trends that will determine the future of remote working.
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Why Enterprises Struggle to Automate Professional Services Processes

There are several reasons why enterprises struggle to automate professional services processes. But with an automation solution, firms can leverage pre-built workflows to automate processes and overcome automation challenges more confidently.
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10 Project Management Trends Emerging in 2022

Over the years, the project management landscape has seen drastic changes that led organizations from sticky notes to enterprise SaaS solutions. Discover the project management trends that will shape the way project managers approach their roles and responsibilities in the coming years.
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The Best Pricing Models for Professional Services with the Highest ROI

Pricing models can affect services firms' ability to generate revenue and maintain steady margins. Knowing what each of these models can offer your services firm will be key to creating a sustainable and competitive financial strategy for long-term growth and profitability.
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Common Pitfalls in Billable Hours for Professional Services and How to Avoid Them

For professional services organization, maximizing billable hours can directly improve profitability and revenue. However, many fail to optimize this area. Here are some common pitfalls around billable time and the best practices that can be applied to avoid them.
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Do You Need a Project Management Software or a Professional Services Automation (PSA) Solution?

For services organizations needing a tool to manage projects, the choice often boils down to project management software vs. professional services automation. Knowing which tool best fits your needs can be critical to continued success and growth.
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5 Steps to Proactive Resource Management for Services Firms

For every second of downtime, your service business will lose revenue and damage client experience – this makes reactive measures no longer enough for a company’s growth. Learn how proactive resource management best practices can help you improve productivity and profits.
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How PSA Measures and Improves Your Organization’s Profitability

PSA software helps firms to understand the profitability of a project even before kick-off and ensure the profits are realized as the project progresses. In this blog we will explore how you can use Polaris, the world’s first self-driving PSA, to measure and improve project profitability.
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What Is Eating Your Profit Margins?

Between increasing competition and a difficult economy, the struggle for professional services firms to maintain profit margins has never been more challenging. Learning what affects profit margins and how to improve them is vital for continued profitability and success.
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Learn How Top Enterprise Leaders Are Doing Project Planning Differently This Year with a Remote Workforce

As remote work is becoming the new normal, learn from the experts themselves on how project leaders need to get up to speed and fast. The blog highlights how our top enterprise leaders doing project planning differently this year with remote project management and a hybrid workforce.
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Your Professional Services Tech Stack Is Changing (or Should Be). Here’s Everything You Need to Know.

What’s your tech stack plan to grow and shine through the post-pandemic volatility? Here’s how to build a fully loaded tech stack with professional services automation software (PSA).
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Check Out What You Can Accomplish with Polaris’ Seamless Project & Time Management Integration with Salesforce

Salesforce integration with the Polaris project management tool enables your professional services team to schedule resources and plan projects for new customers coming out of the sales pipeline. Handoffs between your sales and services teams will feel seamless.
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Case Study: Taking Advantage of Polaris’ Advanced Analytics to Get Complete Visibility into Your Business

Want to know how our customers turned data into actionable information? Find out how they used our business intelligence integration to make better business decisions, identify new business opportunities, and predict future trends.
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Reducing Absenteeism with Effective Time Management and Absence Tracking

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