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Week of March 30, 2015

Consistent rounding of time entries

Time entries are now displayed as rounded values. If you enter time as a decimal value, the time is rounded to the nearest hundredth of an hour. If you enter time as HH:MM, the time is rounded to the nearest minute.

In read-only mode, the timesheet displays the unrounded value as a tooltip.

The unrounded total is also available when viewing a list of timesheets.

Updated Google authentication in iOS app

The iOS mobile app has been updated to reflect recent changes to Google authentication. Any users who log in using their Google account must upgrade to the latest version before April 20, 2015. The log in process will be the same as before. However, on their next login, the user may be prompted to allow Replicon to access basic Google account information.

Fixed issues

The following issue was fixed in the web application:

  • In the Team > Time Off page, the user’s time off balance may not be accurate if the user is in a different time zone.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • When you select a client during time entry, the app displays all projects instead of just the projects for that client.
  • SAML users may have trouble logging in after restarting the app.
  • After changing your password, you may see an error when trying to login again.

Week of March 23, 2015

Finer control over time punch editing

You can now allow punch users to edit the fields associated with a punch, such as the activity or break type, but prevent them from editing the punch time itself.

Previously, if you gave a punch user the ability to edit, they could edit time punches in their entirety, including adding and deleting punches and editing punch times. This new option allows punch users to correct their selections while ensuring accurate punch times. You can select this option in the user’s assigned punch entry policy.

Fixed issues

  • Columns are misaligned and overlapped when viewing a longer timesheet on an iPad.
  • If you add time off to another user’s timesheet, the time off is added to your timesheet instead.
  • In the Project Management > Resources page, the tooltip shows undefined instead of the resource’s actual allocation.

Week of March 16, 2015

Updated Google authentication

Our Google authentication option has been updated to support changes being made by Google. If your users are already using Google authentication, they will be able to log in as before without any changes on your part. However, on their next login, they may be prompted to allow Replicon to access basic Google account information. This prompt will only occur once.

We will soon be releasing a new version of the mobile app that includes updates for these changes. In the meantime, mobile app users using Google authentication may see a message from Google when logging in.

Fixed issues

  • A blank window appears when a supervisor or payroll manager attempts to post time punches to a timesheet.
  • When running the Time Off Balances report, the Starting Balance may be incorrect if the As Of Date is set to the user’s policy start date.
  • In reports based on the Project Team Time, Expense, Cost & Billing template, the Hourly Cost Amount column is empty for placeholder resources.

Week of March 9, 2015

Changes to product usage information

Information on purchased products and seat usage is no longer available directly within the application. To review your products and seats, please contact Replicon. A product specialist will work with you to ensure optimal product use.

Fixed issues

  • An error may occur when deleting a time off booking.
  • When the user sorts the rows on the Standard timesheet, the sort order is not always being saved.
  • On the Billing > Billing Summary page, hours entered against fixed bid projects are being included in the Time & Material column.
  • When editing another user’s expenses, payroll and billing managers are not able to override mileage rates or exchange rates.
  • When you click on a client in the Billing > Billing Summary page, the client’s billing details may not load if billing rates have recently changed.

Week of March 2, 2015


  • Performance is improved when previewing or generating ADP payroll exports.

Fixed issues

  • When using a drop-down custom field on the timesheet, the text shown in the drop-down may be cut off.
  • When the Approval Status filter is used, reports based on the Expense template are slow to run.

Week of February 23, 2015


  • Payroll managers can now delete multiple time off bookings at once on the Payroll > Time Off page.
  • When punches are rounded, the Audit History available in the Time Punches page shows both the original and rounded times.
  • Payroll managers can now view time punches for a date range, rather than filtering by one specific date. They can also filter punches by department.
  • CloudClock users can continue to punch in and out when the device is offline or Replicon’s cloud services are unavailable due to maintenance. The punches will automatically be sent to Replicon once the connection is restored.

Fixed issues

  • After editing a report based on the Task Time, Expense, Cost & Billing data template, the Save button is unavailable.
  • When editing time off policies for a number of users at once, it can be difficult to access the buttons in the confirmation dialog box.
  • The Employee Pay Details tab is available to payroll managers even when the View Employee Pay Details permission is disabled.
  • When adding new tasks or editing existing tasks, the changes may be slow to save when the project team has many users.
  • When transferring tasks from Microsoft Project, the tasks may not be set to allow time entry in Replicon.

Week of February 16, 2015

Ability to configure rounding rules for punches

As an administrator, you can now set rules to round the employee time punches to make payroll processing easier. You can set these rules from the new Administration > Rounding Rules page.

The rules that you set tells Replicon which punch to round, how to round the punches, and when to round the punches. For example, you can set up a grace period rounding rule of 15 minutes so that any punch in or punch out within the grace period is rounded to the shift start time or end time respectively.

You can enable these rules from the Administration > Punch Entry Policies page.

Display of payroll details for supervisors

Supervisors can now view the payroll details of their direct reports from the Team > Approvals tab and the Team > Timesheets tab. This enables supervisors to know how employees are going to be paid based on their time entries before they approve the timesheet.

The ability to view the pay code related details such as hours and amounts is controlled by the Pay Details permissions for supervisors.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile Android:

  • While entering expenses, you may need to select the reimbursement currency again and again for individual expense entries.
  • An error may be displayed when you try to edit the expense entries and also when you search for the expense types.
  • If you submit or reject a timesheet with custom fields, the custom field values may not be saved.
  • The total hours in a timesheet may not be updated even after you punch in or punch out.

The following issues were fixed in Replicon Mobile iOS:

  • When a supervisor taps the time selector multiple times when adding a punch for a user, the selector may freeze causing them to be unable to select a punch time.
  • For certain time zones, a timesheet period that doesn’t exactly match the actual period in question may display on the user’s Edit Entry or the approver’s View Entry screen.
  • If you view a time off booking of greater than a day on a timesheet that’s pending approval, the requested time off balance may erroneously display as zero.
  • When you choose a client, the projects associated with that client may not display.

Week of February 9, 2015

Ability to view time punches by payroll managers

Payroll managers can now view and edit time punches of their employees from the Payroll > Time Punches page. They can also add and delete time punches from the same page.

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • If a billing rate assigned to a project team member is disabled in the system, you may not be able to add, update, or remove another billing rate from the project.
  • If you add 12.00 am as a punch on the web version of Replicon, the punch may not be displayed as 00:00 if the Clock Format is set to 24-hrs.
  • When selecting a time off type, the types may not be listed in an alphabetical order.
  • When you enable the View and Edit permissions for Tasks in the Project Management permission set, the View and Edit permissions for Projects may not be automatically enabled.

Week of February 2, 2015

Unpaired punches now display in Punch Timesheet report

Punches with no matching pair available (for example, an In punch with no Out punch) now display in reports based on the Punch Timesheet template. This can help you more easily identify missing punches.

Fixed issues

  • A Change Reasons column is available in reports based on the Audit Trail template even if customers aren’t licensed to use it.

Week of January 26, 2015

Fixed issues

The following issues were fixed in the web version of Replicon:

  • You can’t copy a project that includes billing rates that have been disabled at the system level.
  • In a rare case, if you attempt to open a timesheet, an error occurs and the page times out.

The following issues were fixed in CloudClock iOS:

  • The CloudClock becomes disabled if the provisioning administrator’s account is disabled. Now, if the administrator’s account is disabled, the CloudClock login screen will display, and another administrator can log in. They will not have to re-provision the Clock.
  • If you’re using 24 hour clock format and you attempt to send an error log from the CloudClock, the app may stop working.