Workforce Management Software

Manage Your Employee Time and Attendance, Schedules, and Gross Pay With Confidence
No More Manual Time Tracking With AI-powered ZeroTime™
Workforce Management Software from Multiple Devices

AI-powered Unified Platform to Manage Your Diverse, Mobile and Remote Workforce

AI-powered Time Tracking For Accurate Payroll And Costing

No Manual Time Tracking

Liberate your employees from traditional timesheets by letting AI do the heavy lifting.

Capture Time Across 100+ Work Apps

Automatically capture time spent by your knowledge workforce across 100+ work apps like Slack, Jira, Asana, Zoom, and more.

Review and Submit

Assemble accurate and complete pre-filled timesheets for your employees to review and submit.
Freedom From Traditional Timesheets
Configurable Time Tracking using Replicon Workforce Management Software

Configurable Time Tracking Within The Workforce Management Software

Flexible timesheet formats

Create your own timesheet format to meet your business specific requirements.

Punch data, activities, breaks & more

Track in-out times, punches, breaks, or work durations against activities and add comments for better context.

Custom fields

Add custom fields within timesheets to meet your business needs.

Pre-population & attestation

Leverage timesheet pre-population timesheets and enable attestation feature as and when needed.

Versatile Timesheet Solution

All employee types

Workforce management software easily supports time capture for exempt, non-exempt, part-time, remote and contingent workforce on the device of your choice.

Aggregate hours

Workforce management system built to analyze weekly aggregate hours for your teams.

Quick insights

Manage time, productivity, and costs across your enterprise business in real-time.

Versatile Timesheet Solution using Workforce Management Software from multiple devices
Advanced Cloud Time Clock using Workforce Management Software

Advanced Time Clock

iPad to a clock

Quickly turn iPad into a cloud-connected kiosk for time capture and self-service management.

In/out, breaks, activities & more

Enable end-users with advanced capabilities to clock in/out, manage breaks, rounding or enter time towards jobs and activities.

No more buddy punching in the workforce management tool

Eliminate time theft and buddy-punching with smart features like facial recognition or real-time image capture, combined with a photo-audit trail supported by our workforce management software.

Round-the-clock monitoring software

Benefit from the around the clock device monitoring and maintenance, from our world-class support team.

Intelligent Clock Features

Employee self-service software

Enable end-users with self-service capabilities for clocking in/out, checking-in to jobs or activities, and managing breaks.

Shifts and more

CloudClock within our workforce management system supports different employee types and shifts within the same devices, making it a cost-effective, versatile solution.

No more time theft

Eliminate time theft and buddy-punching with smart features like facial recognition or real-time image capture, combined with a photo-audit trail.

Touchless time clock

Leverage facial recognition combined with voice commands to make the clock-in and clock-out process completely contactless.
Intelligent Time Clock Features from Replicon's Workforce Management Software
Schedule Management and Staffing using Replicon's Workforce Management Software

Schedule Management Software

Shift planning

Stay on top of employee availability and deploy the right mix of people to meet your shift scheduling requirements.

Manage staffing

Make proactive adjustments in response to emergencies to avoid over or under-staffing or to manage your costs.

Employee communication

Communicate the shift information to your employees in real-time.

Overtime and labor costs

Get complete control over your workforce productivity, overtime and labor costs with labor management software.

Employee Absences*

Time off policies

Create any time off types appropriate for your business – vacation, sick leave, bereavement, and more.

Employee self-service

Empower employees with self-service requests through web, mobile, or CloudClock.

Accruals and resets

Setup and manage accrual policies and resets based on your business needs.

Time off exports

Roll time off usage data into gross pay details and easily set up exports.
* Available with our TimeOff add-on
Managing Employee Absences using Workforce Management Software
Workforce Management Software with Enhanced Business Validations

Workforce Management Software with Enhanced Business Validations

Flexible rules library

Set up automatic validation of time entries and punches using predefined rules.

Business rule configuration

Create custom validation rules to meet your business and gross pay requirements.

Reduce errors

Automatic validations of timesheet entries minimize errors for common and specific business requirements.

Intelligent Approvals

Approval workflows

Model dynamic approval workflows to meet your business’ needs and ensure compliance with business policies.

Dynamic routing

Use real-time data validation to handle exceptions and routing in real-time.

Alerts & notifications

Streamline the approval process with real-time alerts and notifications.

Involve all stakeholders

Include supervisors, payroll, HR and other people in the approval chain.
Intelligent Timesheet Approvals using Workforce Management Software
Deskless & Mobile Worker Management using Workforce Management Software

Deskless & Mobile Worker Management

Workforce management tools with crew management

Powerful capabilities like dynamic crew assignments, mass copy/ edit of timesheets, allocations make managing crews very simple.

Crew timesheets

Supervisors and foremen can quickly and easily manage time entry for their crew and simplify mobile workforce management.

Offline time entries

Configure on any devices of your choice with offline capabilities on mobile.

Crew work details

Real-time, detailed information on your team/crew help get work done and improve productivity.

Advanced Mobile Capabilities

Mobile timesheets

Empower your workforce with the ability to manage time & attendance accurately, even when they are mobile.

Face ID, Touch ID & chatbot

Employees can log in to the app via Face ID and Touch ID and choose to interact with our AI-based chatbot.

All-in-one app

Workers can use this advanced app to get notified, enter time, manage time off bookings and expenses, or check schedules.

Instant updates

Supervisors and managers get real-time updates about timesheet submissions and can review/approve right from the app.

Real-time sync

Real-time sync with the Replicon platform provides instant insights into all labor-related metrics.
Advanced Mobile timesheets with Instant Updates using Workforce Management Software
GPS Tracking using Replicon's Workforce Management Software from Different Mobile Devices

GPS Tracking

Time + location

Track location details associated with time entries for consistent application of business policies.

Real-time tracking

Real-time employee location information gives you control over your remote and field teams.


Leverage advanced geo-fencing capabilities to inform employees & supervisors based on virtual fences and never worry about data accuracy for mobile workforce management.

Complex Use Cases Solved

Jobs and activities

Track every hour spent by your employee even from the field and assign it to the right job/activity.

Multiple pay rates

Create and associate pay rates with activities or custom fields to automate pay calculations.

Granular details

Trace granular details around costs for each job in real-time and manage profitability with estimates to actuals.

Accurate job costing

Easily share the gross pay data along with costing information to backend systems for further processing.
Complex Use Cases Solved using Workforce Management Software
Global Labor Compliance Platform using Workforce Management Software

Labor Compliance

Pay rule library

Leverage our preconfigured pay rule library within the labor management software to consistently apply overtime, meal breaks, and other labor laws.

Automate gross pay

Fully automate pay calculations and always be confident that you are paying right.

Compliance dashboard

Stay in-the-know on compliance best practices and updates through Replicon’s compliance dashboard and resource library.
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Collective Bargaining & Enterprise Agreements

Pay rule engine

Model business-specific labor requirements like premiums, union or collective bargaining agreements right into the platform.

Complex gross pay, simplified

Apply these specific rules automatically and arrive at complex gross pay information with ease.

Change management

Reconfigure the pay rules with the workforce management software using our scriptable framework as and when the bargaining agreements change.

What-if scenarios

Utilize sandbox instances, which are available on demand, to quickly create pay runs to check the actual impact of rules changes.
Collective Bargaining & Enterprise Agreements using Workforce Management Software
Gross Pay Engine from Replicon Workforce Management Software

Gross Pay Engine

Compliant gross pay

Workforce payroll software generates payable time and pay data based on pay rules, policies, employees profiles, shift/schedule information.

Automatic updates

Real-time automatic updates to payable time and pay data as the source data changes.

Payroll workbench

Easy to manage pay data validations, exceptions and adjustments from within the payroll workbench.

Flexible payroll exports

Workforce payroll software allws users to create templates and completely automate payroll exports to multiple vendors streamlining the entire process.

In sync With Your Enterprise

Turnkey integrations

Turnkey and seamless cloud-based integrations make it easy to implement, deploy and upgrade.

Share gross pay data

Share critical employee time and pay data with your ecosystem to enable downstream processes from our workforce management software.

Payroll, HR, ERP & more

Fast and easy to integrate Replicon with any HR, payroll, ERP or other systems that your business uses.
Integrations with Other Platforms using Replicon Workforce Management Software
Workforce Metrics with Granular Data Visibility using Workforce Management Software

Workforce Metrics At Your Fingertips

Extensive reporting

Easily configure reports to filter and view business metrics around time, gross pay, overtime, labor costs & compliance.

Schedule and share reports

Schedule reports with time and gross pay data to be emailed at regular intervals to key people in your business.

Granular data visibility

Dig deep into real-time or historical data to better forecast labor costs.


Get the “big picture” with dynamic, real-time summary charts and dashboards within the workforce management software.

Built on a Configurable Time Intelligence® Platform

Time Off
Gross Pay Engine
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“The Replicon solution has already enabled the company to decrease the payroll processing time from 16 hours per week to 20 minutes. The integrity of our transactions has increased greatly, and we can more easily comply with labor laws. Plus, we realized a total return on investment in just two months.” Read More
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